Nearly a thousand years ago, a group of noble heroes rose to slay the mighty Queen of Dragons, Tiamat. For hundreds of years following her defeat, peace reigned, empires flourished, and people prospered.

In the year 472, darkness struck back against the forces of light when the goddess Ioun was slain by powerful agents of the human kingdom of Bael Turath, having found immense power through an infernal pact with the devils serving Vecna. Bahamut, in a mournful rage following the death of his wife, Ioun, waged war on the kingdom of Bael Turath for nearly thirty years. Finally, growing desperate and weary of the incessant battle, Bahamut smote the entire region in an immense storm of fire and ash.

Five hundred years have passed since the immense war between Bael Turath and Arkhosia was brought to its fiery conclusion. What remains of Bael Turath is now known as Kutytha, the Great Dust.

To the east, the temperate Dordan Valley has flourished, surviving even the collapse of the Nerathi Empire which had laid claim to the valley for hundreds of years. The villages surrounding the small fishing city of Dordan do well, but the dangers flowing from the desert expanses to the west are constant. To that end, the Dordan Clemency Brigade was founded to protect the peoples and interests of Dordan Valley.

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Sherdi: The Sleeping Sands

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