Sherdi: The Sleeping Sands

Chapter I, Part II

Campaign Dates: Yraunaj 12th – 15th, 1000
Encounters: E4, E5

Journal of Ceurelian

More killing these past few days, though not as much as before and without Ghost, (sad face).

It looks like we’ve been tasked with obliterating the remaining kobolds. We were not sure where to begin looking, though. I wonder if we may have been able to figure something out if we went back to Meadowhaven? It’s no matter, we got what we needed by convincing Teri the Brickleaf Merchant, sister of Eram the Fishmonger, to accompany us and draw out an attack from the kobolds. She was eager to help out with the kobold genocide, so it wasn’t so much convincing as it was asking. What the hells is a brickleaf?

Anyway, a group of kobolds did attack us. I don’t really remember much of the attack, though; I was covered in rats most of the battle. It was horrible. My companions triumphed and we interrogated one of our enemies. I took his hand and he told us where they were coming from. After some small discussion of whether or not we could trust him and what to do with him I severed his head. I would have preferred to take him with us in case here were lying, but I was so damn frustrated by the conversation at that point. Rye headed back to camp and Eco, Rye, the wilden, and I head to where the kobold instructed us.

I had a good idea on the way to the “palace” of that condemned race of dogs-things. We would wait and ambush the next patrol that was sent out. Better to fight some cut off from the rest than go charging into the fray so soon. Also, we had not asked about any secret entrances before I killed the last kobold, so we could make use of another.

Eventually a patrol emerged, we followed them some way, then made quick work of them on the road. More interrogation, removed an eye, found the secret entrance. Nine kobolds killed so far this day. Razzi headed back and the wilden lady (I think they have genders, but maybe it’s just meaningless curves) went ahead to scout. Eco and I are waiting at the moment for her to come back and I was bored, hence this journal.

Shit, alarms. Well, they still do not seem to have spotted me and Eco, so I guess it’s just the woman. I wonder how far she managed to get and if she’ll make it back to us alive to tell us. If she dies I wonder if we’ll find a replacement or just keep going without her…

The nausea is getting worse, as is the regret. Ever since I picked up this sword I’ve been feeling worse and worse and do not know why. Perhaps after all this I will have time to find someone who can tell me more about what’s going on with me.

I think I see her in the distance running towards us. If anyone’s following her I’m going to be upset.



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