Sherdi: The Sleeping Sands

Chapter I, Part III

Campaign Date: Yraunaj 15th, 1000
Encounters: E6, E7, E8

Journal of Ceurelian

Busy day!

We hurried back to camp and gathered up everyone. Ghost came with this time, so I had a lot more fun. We managed to all fit through the secret entrance and emerged in what appeared to be a garden. I forgot there was a plant with us and offended her a bit by trampling their carrots. I’ll have to make more of an effort to remember she’s with us and has feelings. We kill creatures all the time and never let it get to us. Maybe it’s different with plants? I suppose there are not that many sentient ones around to be antagonistic. And I suppose if I just killed other creatures for no compelling reason I might upset some others in the party. Not Ghost, though, (happy face).

Many doors opened to the garden. Going through one of the unlocked ones we found another rat master. We got the drop on him this time and I managed to participate more this time. The wilden (I really need to learn her name. It’s something weird and, for some reason, elven) shot an arrow that created poisonous mushroom spores. I didn’t understand how that worked, but most magic doesn’t really make any sense and neither does she, so whatever. I forget the details, but we killed the scholarly kobold and his pets.

In the room we found books upon books on the study of rats. He also seemed to have a passing interest in artifacts and I think I may have figured out what my sword does and what it has been doing to me. Something will have to change.

In the next room we found nine more kobolds but killed only six. From there we entered another room and found one of the remaining two ogres. He was a beast, but asleep. We managed to do a great deal of roughing up on him before he came to. Still put up a good fight after, but we took him and his friend down all the same.

(The journal entry continues, but details events that have not actually occurred yet, so to be continued)



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