Sherdi: The Sleeping Sands

Chapter I, Part IV

Campaign Date: Yraunaj 15th, 1000
Encounters: E9A, E9B, E10A, E10B

Journal of Ceurelian

I have to say what happened next was just awful.

The group split up and Eco, Orn, and I found some kobolds in the hallway and chased them down into what appeared to be some sort of kitchen. It would appear kobolds like to eat centipedes because that’s about damn-all I saw for the next minute or so as we desperately tried to kill everything. I think all of us were knocked out at some point but we still managed to not die. We probably should have, but I’m thankful we did not. Still not as bad as the rats, though.

Now, what happened next was truly the stuff of legends and dreams. We came across an alchemist, two of his friends, and a pseudodragon. Three kobolds quickly turned to 19, if my count was correct. The alchemist was a mage and at first I thought he had summoned reinforcements until I realized some of them were naked, others were fighting amongst themselves, and others still were fucking. I remember I thought to myself “gross” and “being a kobold must be awesome!” all at once. Why does anyone still practice the arcane? It’s just a terrible idea every time.

We managed to kill everyone in the room with much greater ease than the last. Orn decided to spare the pseudodragon for some reason, so we bound it up very securely so she could “befriend” it later. Hilariously, the pseudodragon would soon take quite the liking to Razzi after we all joined up again. We got a lot of loot in this room, mostly in the form of kobold heads, but there were some potions and I got a few scrolls and weird egg. It’s probably dead, but I’ve been keeping it warm in camp and every so often Razzi’s pet will lay on it and breath a little towards it, so who knows? There’s probably some ritual I could use it in eventually.

Hmmm, I wonder how the others made out? I never did ask them about what they found while we were split up.

(The journal entry continues, but details events that have not actually occurred yet, so to be continued)



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