Third generation Wilden. Great-grandparents where the oldest Baobabs (very prestigious ancestry!) in the fey wild, Venus flytraps and a dandelion.
Left fey wild a year after the big fire that killed most of her friends and family. At first coming to this realm she got very sick from eating the wrong bugs. Met and studied with a bug expert so that she could adapt her bug based diet to this realm’s insects (and also, just to learn more about them because it’s interesting).
Got jailed because she avenged a lumbar yard. in this area of the world: people > plants. it’s very backwards.

Where was the character born?

  • A dense, hot, humid, fey forest rich with life.

What was her family life like as a kid?

  • Nature is her family. I always felt connected and supported. Felt a little lost since leaving the fey wild. Slowly reconnecting with nature. Now able to fell what this realm’s nature beings feel. Still not “at home” in this realm.

What was her education?

  • I know everything the plants know anywhere. Expert in fey bugs. especially knowledgeable in how they taste. Studied with a bug lady in a distant town. Always discovering more.

Where does she live now?

  • At the prison work camp. There’s a lot of bugs there because of the filthy people. Most carrying a lot of bacteria but many still edible. bringing in predatory bugs and birds to deal with the gross infestation.

Describe her job and/or responsibilities.

  • exterminator

Describe her finances.

  • unconcerned

Describe her taste in clothes, books, art, etc.

  • leather with belt of small whistles
  • instructional text about biology
  • “organic art”: art made of natural materials especially if they can make noise when wind passes through it/ blow into it

What are her favorite foods?

  • insects, bugs. very favorite: red jelly bean fey bug (very rare)

What are his favorite activities?

  • hunting/studying bugs. Making whistles out of carcasses

Describe any particular personality traits and how they manifest.

  • militant hippie- very protective of nature

Does she have quirks?

  • Lack of feeling icky towards dead things. Manipulating small corpses to make art. people think that’s weird (except Rye, he understands)

Does she have superstitions?

  • If you upset nature bad things will happen. the end

Does she have phobias?

  • large unruly fires. drought

What were the traumatic moments in her life?

  • devastating forest fire in home forest. it killed many family members and caused several delicious bug varieties to go extinct :(

What were her biggest triumphs?

  • cured a deadly plant disease that was infesting the home forest with bug extracts.

Describe her important past romances.

  • There was this beautiful wilden of hibiscus descent, but he drowned because he was too mesmerized by his reflection to notice the flood, the fool! I now look down upon people who are vain (ei: Ceurelian)

Describe her current romantic involvement or involvements.

  • none.

How does she treat friends? Lovers? Bosses? Servants?

  • slightly indifferent towards other people unless they show an interest in nature.
  • lovers are treated with adoration,
  • bosses are bosses
  • no servants

Describe her political beliefs, past and present.

  • If you take care of nature, she will take care of you. same can be applied to society

Describe her religious beliefs, past and present.

  • Corellon, Melora

What are her interesting or important possessions?

  • little containers of bug spices, collection of whistles

Does she have any pets?

  • cultivates bugs, wouldn’t really call them pets though.

Does he have unusual talents?

  • i feel what nature feels

What’s the best thing that could happen to her?

  • All nature unharmed, thriving, and living in harmony, forever.

The worst thing?

  • widespread death of plants

Does he drink tea or coffee?

  • tea with bug spices


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