Bloodfang Dagger

Crafted from the fang of a mighty demon, this dagger has a grip made from solid gold and inlaid with numerous tiny rubies.

weapon (melee)

Property: When an attack with this weapon deals untyped ongoing damage, the target of the attack takes a penalty to the saving throw equal to your offense bonus.

Critical: +5 ongoing damage (save ends).

Power (At-Will – Healing): Minor Action. Use this power to inflict up to your offense bonus worth of ongoing damage on a willing ally. The ally can end the ongoing damage as a free action. (Effect Unknown)

Power (Encounter): Free Action. Use this power when you deal untyped ongoing damage to an enemy. (Effect Unknown)

Power (Daily – Healing): Free Action. Use this power when you hit an enemy with an attack. (Effect Unknown)


Personality: The Bloodfang Dagger was carved from the fang of a demon, and imposes a strong blood thirst in its wielder. The wielder is prone to violent outbursts, eager for the thrill of combat. Demons react strongly to this weapon.

Bloodfang Dagger

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