Sherdi: The Sleeping Sands

Chapter I, Part IX

Campaign Date: Yraurbef 7-8th, 1000
Encounters: E21, E22

Journal of Ghost

We’re finally done clearing out the monastery of all the dragon-born. Haven’t received an assignment since I eliminated the eladrin the other guys helped out not too long ago. Those guys put up a decent fight, but I used to the cover of night to take them down one at a time.

I’m sure the entire experience of being back at the monastery wasn’t so great for Cerulean. He’s mentioned to me more than a few times that he didn’t want to come back here, so I’m sure he’s happy we’re done.

Ornsulina got a new pet dragon from the looks of it. I’m sure it makes up for losing her pseudo-dragon to Razzi. Looks like we’re setting up some kind of carriage to ride with the dragon. Not too fond of flying, but I know we’ve got to get to Targa as soon as possible.

We picked up some new guy named Bortuge. Something’s fishy about him. He’s been talking to that nut Eco. All I could do was laugh. It was even funnier when he tried to get some information out of Cerulean. He fed the new guy so much bull and he swallowed it all. I’m sure my laughing gave it away.

Bortuge better not talk to me. I don’t trust him. He’s got something up his sleeve, and Master Serpent made sure to drill into my head not to trust anyone. Our order has to remain hidden from mainstream society.

Looks like everyone’s getting ready to take off. I’ll see if I get any assignments while I’m in Targa.

Journal of Bortuge

I was hoping to have lifted some of the goods from the monestary before the eminent destruction came. The head-master was an easy one to dupe, I slipped in as a substitute teacher for a couple of weeks, scoping out the joint before these dragonborn ruined my heist. Luckily though, I seemed to have run into an outfit that seems to know what they are doing, having come from a few grand adventures they seem well equipped… they may not be a bad group to tag along with, who knows what goodies they may stumble across.

Razzi is a quiet one, I’m still trying to figure him out. Most of these wizardly types are quite scholastic, but he seems interested in blasting. There’s also something odd about the Ghost fellow. He seems rather vindictive & destructive, yet there’s a hidden bent behind his motives. Why Eco runs with him is beyond me. Ans speaking of Eco… wow, is he ever duped into all this god stuff. Hardcore religious types scare me, they tend to get into more trouble than the shady characters. But at least he is plain as day, nothing to figure out with Eco… what you see is what you get.

Ornsulina is amazingly powerful when it comes to nature and beasts. She has more than proven her worth in my eyes. She’s remained rather quiet too, I still have yet to see her motives.

What brings this group together? What motivates them? Doesn’t matter really, so long as the shiny things come my way.

Speaking of, I let all the magicks slide their way. Earn their trust first… selectively siphon off what I can when the time is right. Eh, if they fail to trust Bortuge, I have an infinite number of other faces they can take in. Hmmm, speaking of, I wonder where the nearest bank is…

Note to sellf: Must remember, the mark of X.

Chapter I, Part VIII

Campaign Date: Yraurbef 7th, 1000
Encounters: E19, E20

Chapter I, Part VII

Campaign Date: Yraurbef 5th-6th, 1000
Encounters: E15, E16, E17, E18

Chapter I, Part VI

Campaign Date: Yraunaj 25th – Yraurbef 4th, 1000
Encounters: E13, E14

Chapter I, Part V

Campaign Date: Yraunaj 15th-19th, 1000
Encounters: E11, E12

Chapter I, Part IV

Campaign Date: Yraunaj 15th, 1000
Encounters: E9A, E9B, E10A, E10B

Journal of Ceurelian

I have to say what happened next was just awful.

The group split up and Eco, Orn, and I found some kobolds in the hallway and chased them down into what appeared to be some sort of kitchen. It would appear kobolds like to eat centipedes because that’s about damn-all I saw for the next minute or so as we desperately tried to kill everything. I think all of us were knocked out at some point but we still managed to not die. We probably should have, but I’m thankful we did not. Still not as bad as the rats, though.

Now, what happened next was truly the stuff of legends and dreams. We came across an alchemist, two of his friends, and a pseudodragon. Three kobolds quickly turned to 19, if my count was correct. The alchemist was a mage and at first I thought he had summoned reinforcements until I realized some of them were naked, others were fighting amongst themselves, and others still were fucking. I remember I thought to myself “gross” and “being a kobold must be awesome!” all at once. Why does anyone still practice the arcane? It’s just a terrible idea every time.

We managed to kill everyone in the room with much greater ease than the last. Orn decided to spare the pseudodragon for some reason, so we bound it up very securely so she could “befriend” it later. Hilariously, the pseudodragon would soon take quite the liking to Razzi after we all joined up again. We got a lot of loot in this room, mostly in the form of kobold heads, but there were some potions and I got a few scrolls and weird egg. It’s probably dead, but I’ve been keeping it warm in camp and every so often Razzi’s pet will lay on it and breath a little towards it, so who knows? There’s probably some ritual I could use it in eventually.

Hmmm, I wonder how the others made out? I never did ask them about what they found while we were split up.

(The journal entry continues, but details events that have not actually occurred yet, so to be continued)

Chapter I, Part III

Campaign Date: Yraunaj 15th, 1000
Encounters: E6, E7, E8

Journal of Ceurelian

Busy day!

We hurried back to camp and gathered up everyone. Ghost came with this time, so I had a lot more fun. We managed to all fit through the secret entrance and emerged in what appeared to be a garden. I forgot there was a plant with us and offended her a bit by trampling their carrots. I’ll have to make more of an effort to remember she’s with us and has feelings. We kill creatures all the time and never let it get to us. Maybe it’s different with plants? I suppose there are not that many sentient ones around to be antagonistic. And I suppose if I just killed other creatures for no compelling reason I might upset some others in the party. Not Ghost, though, (happy face).

Many doors opened to the garden. Going through one of the unlocked ones we found another rat master. We got the drop on him this time and I managed to participate more this time. The wilden (I really need to learn her name. It’s something weird and, for some reason, elven) shot an arrow that created poisonous mushroom spores. I didn’t understand how that worked, but most magic doesn’t really make any sense and neither does she, so whatever. I forget the details, but we killed the scholarly kobold and his pets.

In the room we found books upon books on the study of rats. He also seemed to have a passing interest in artifacts and I think I may have figured out what my sword does and what it has been doing to me. Something will have to change.

In the next room we found nine more kobolds but killed only six. From there we entered another room and found one of the remaining two ogres. He was a beast, but asleep. We managed to do a great deal of roughing up on him before he came to. Still put up a good fight after, but we took him and his friend down all the same.

(The journal entry continues, but details events that have not actually occurred yet, so to be continued)

Chapter I, Part II

Campaign Dates: Yraunaj 12th – 15th, 1000
Encounters: E4, E5

Journal of Ceurelian

More killing these past few days, though not as much as before and without Ghost, (sad face).

It looks like we’ve been tasked with obliterating the remaining kobolds. We were not sure where to begin looking, though. I wonder if we may have been able to figure something out if we went back to Meadowhaven? It’s no matter, we got what we needed by convincing Teri the Brickleaf Merchant, sister of Eram the Fishmonger, to accompany us and draw out an attack from the kobolds. She was eager to help out with the kobold genocide, so it wasn’t so much convincing as it was asking. What the hells is a brickleaf?

Anyway, a group of kobolds did attack us. I don’t really remember much of the attack, though; I was covered in rats most of the battle. It was horrible. My companions triumphed and we interrogated one of our enemies. I took his hand and he told us where they were coming from. After some small discussion of whether or not we could trust him and what to do with him I severed his head. I would have preferred to take him with us in case here were lying, but I was so damn frustrated by the conversation at that point. Rye headed back to camp and Eco, Rye, the wilden, and I head to where the kobold instructed us.

I had a good idea on the way to the “palace” of that condemned race of dogs-things. We would wait and ambush the next patrol that was sent out. Better to fight some cut off from the rest than go charging into the fray so soon. Also, we had not asked about any secret entrances before I killed the last kobold, so we could make use of another.

Eventually a patrol emerged, we followed them some way, then made quick work of them on the road. More interrogation, removed an eye, found the secret entrance. Nine kobolds killed so far this day. Razzi headed back and the wilden lady (I think they have genders, but maybe it’s just meaningless curves) went ahead to scout. Eco and I are waiting at the moment for her to come back and I was bored, hence this journal.

Shit, alarms. Well, they still do not seem to have spotted me and Eco, so I guess it’s just the woman. I wonder how far she managed to get and if she’ll make it back to us alive to tell us. If she dies I wonder if we’ll find a replacement or just keep going without her…

The nausea is getting worse, as is the regret. Ever since I picked up this sword I’ve been feeling worse and worse and do not know why. Perhaps after all this I will have time to find someone who can tell me more about what’s going on with me.

I think I see her in the distance running towards us. If anyone’s following her I’m going to be upset.

Chapter I, Part I

Campaign Dates: Yraunaj 1st – 11th, 1000
Encounters: E1, E2, E3

Journal of Ceurelian

Drawing the appropriately short straws, I found myself escorting a fishmonger for a few days. Silver lining: Ghost was with me. The black bastard woke me up with a rock the first night. Somehow I am less irritated when it comes from him. I suppose this is because I know not to expect any different. I put my armor on, grabbed my scourge, woke the others, and prepared to do battle with what turned out to be a scorpion. We went back to sleep instead.

The next day we were beset by a group of Kobolds. I do not recall how we killed them, but clearly we did. A day or two later, or perhaps on our way back to camp, we were ambushed by another damned scorpion. I killed it this time, but only with the help of the Deva. Ghost decided it would suit him better to do nothing. I was hurt. By poison. Ghost took the tail when we were finished. I’ll need to remember to do something terrible to that man at some point.

We delivered the fisherman, but not without learning a great deal about his trade. I will spare this document the details as I am hoping to let them slip from my memory as soon as is possible. Friendly guy, though. I tried my best to direct his attention towards the Deva, it seemed to work towards the end. I am sure they will miss each other terribly.

Our work behind us we had some time to relax, so the Deva, Ghost, and I headed into the city. It was the day of Bahamut, so the god-thing was excited. I thought about my sisters for some time that day and am reminded of them now. I hope they are well.

We managed to get the Deva to drink with us that night. To be honest I wasn’t certain if they were capable of it, but this one clearly was once his initial hesitation was lifted. I told him Bahamut sent me a vision and was waiting for him at the bottom of a pint, then kept telling him he was drinking from the wrong glass when he finished without meeting the dragon god. I hope I laugh this much every time I recall that. I’ll have to remember that logic in the future.

I woke up the next morning naked in a friend’s bed. Something awesome totally happened. After getting dressed and speaking with the Drow we discovered a murder had been committed that night. An unknown Eladrin male lay slain, the beautiful sword still in him. That sword belongs to me now. The blade appears magical, though we were unable to identify its exact qualities. It is truly a magnificent weapon. I shall use it for now until I find someone able to create a scourge of equal quality.

Ghost and I did some work to uncover to truth, but with few leads there was little we could do. We made a deal with the publishing company to share information, so I’ll remember to keep in touch with them. They seem to be a useful group of people.

Returning to the camp we received wind of a small group of Ogres, 3 in total, terrorizing the citizenry. There may also be a pink Dragon. Polka-dots? Regardless, we set off in search of a lead. We instead found one of the Ogres attacking Meadowhaven, home of Jhohn the Dog. The battle was crazy. Lots of heavy hits, and an equally surprising number of pathetic failures, some sadly my own. In the end we survived and managed to kill that particular Ogre, along with his war priest buddy.

1 Ogre slain, 2 more remain. Possibly some sort of odd (or more likely just poorly-described, possibly non-existent) Dragon. Uncounted Kobolds to be killed.

Truly we are heroes, or something like it.

Preliminary Planning Session

Ghost, Drow Rogue/Warlock
“Show me the money!”

Eco, Deva Avenger
“Pasty and pissed.”

Ornsulina, Wilden Seeker
“Environmentalist bug-eater.”

Ceurelian, Half-Elf Battlemind
“Tall, blonde, snooty Half-Elf with a scourge.”

Rye Saltine, Dwarf Shaman
“Underachieving, scrawny, nerdy, gothy guy.”

Razzi, Half-Elf Sorcerer
“Means well, ends badly.”

Other stuff:
  • Each PC creates a positive relationship/link with 2 other PCs.
  • Each PC creates a Tension with a PC he has no relationship/link with.
  • Each PC creates a friendly NPC he is linked to.
  • Each PC creates an enemy/rival NPC.
  • Each PC creates a locality he/she’s related to. (Taverns, temples, headquarters, gardens, cities, etc. that have significance to your character)
  • Bonus Background Feat.

(You can email these to me, stick them in your character bio, or write them in on this adventure log entry. – mrfb)


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