Character Creation


  • Use the standard 22 point buy method detailed on page 17 of the PHB. (The Character Builder uses this method as the legal default.)
  • Choose a deity from the core pantheon (PHB pp. 21-22). If you choose to worship an evil deity, Ioun (for story purposes), or something otherwise off-book or unconventional, it’s probably fine, but make sure to pass it by me.

DM Gifts

  • Take Versatile Expertise as a free extra feat.
  • I will try to give each player a few extra things (contacts, skill bonuses, feats, etc.) based on their background. These tend to be in line with a feat or class feature. Examples below:


  • Your training in poisons will allow you to harvest poison glands: doing so requires a hard monster knowledge check to harvest an amount of alchemy components equal to 25% of the monster’s XP value. Poisonous plants may be foraged for (Dungeoneering or Nature) and harvested in the same way.
  • You gain the Alchemist feat, and in addition you master the recipe for any recipe with the poison keyword for free at the appropriate level (Currently: Antivenom 1, Heartflow 3, Bloodstinger Poison 3, Goodnight Tincture 6, Spotted Toadstool Venom 10).


  • You gain the Ritual Caster feat
  • Your spellshard contains three 1st-level rituals. At levels 5, 11, 15, 21, and 25, you master two more rituals of your level or lower. (Loosely restricted to Vecna-y or psionic-y rituals if they pop up with Psionic Power/Dark Sun)


  • Puddles has statistics (and movement/action rules) as per the standard Beastmaster Ranger (Martial Power pp38-42).
  • You can take Ranger powers with the Beast keyword in place of Avenger powers. (Oath of Enmity applies if the power deals [W], but not when it deals [B]. Be careful, a lot of beastmaster powers use Strength as their primary statistic. You can get around this by picking powers that use Puddles’ stats for the attack roll, probably.)
  • Puddles will share your bonus point pool.


  • You gain the Vistani Heritage and Arcane Familiar feats
  • On an attack roll of a 1 or 20, you trigger a wild surge.

Character Creation

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