Dordan is a large fishing town with a population of approximately 4,000 adults.


Each chartered guild in Dordan elects from their members a senior guildmember to represent them in the Guild Senate. The senators in turn elect one member of the senate to the position of Senate Chairman, earning them a number of powers and responsibilities.


Agriculture is difficult due to the climate of the area, but a number of farmers and ranchers supply the city with various goods and services. The main portion of Dordan’s commerce comes from its fishing industry, however. The Ghemines Sea to the North provides an abundant range of fish, crab, shrimp, and sea vegetables for consumption and export.

Dordan Clemency Brigade

The DCB was instituted in the year 980 as a means of incarcerating individuals who would wreak havoc in the traditional prison system of the city. In exchange for a monthly wage, equipment, and a reduced sentence, members of the DCB are sent to Blackrock Outpost to protect the town from the savage tribes that might launch raids on the town.


  • Founding Day:
  • Melora’s Bounty: On the first day of the fishing season (mid-spring), the priests of Melora perform rituals and blessings for the fisherman. The evening is typically celebrated with fresh seafood.
  • Bahamut’s Mourning:
  • Militia Week: The first week out of every year is dedicated to training citizens in the ways of combat. All citizens between the ages of 15-35 are required to attend, while those older than 35 are encouraged to volunteer.


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